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The Most Common Superstitions among Slot Machines Players

It is believed that slot machines are games of fortune and luck. So, the most superstitious people are gamblers, who sometimes believe in nonsense things. Gamblers insist on there are methods to control and predict the randomness of slot machines, so slot gamblers have a lot of ideas on how to increase the chances for winning. However, it is important to remember that there are general superstitions and individually. Is it true or not? You attain a verdict.

Common Superstitions

  • It is believed that looking at spinning reels brings bad luck, so you can see many gamblers who look away while the reels are spinning. Other players cover up with their hand or a sheet of paper the whole reels, when they are spinning, or only several last wheels.
  • Sometimes slot players want to fool slot machines and make them think that a new player arrived. To do this a gambler too often removes and reinserts his payout ticket. Slot players use this method when they spin several times with no result.
  • Some gamblers prefer playing only the max bet button. Although, it is hard to be considered as a superstition, it is rather one of tips to follow, because most slots give the highest jackpot only when the maximum bet is used.
  • While playing the slots many gamblers avoid crowded places as they feel themselves ill at ease when everybody is winning around except themselves. Also gamblers don't recommend drinking cocktails as they can ruin the flow.
  • A popular superstition is playing the same slot games after having won once. Also gamblers pay attention to the month's winners and play the games they played because it is believed that those games are generating money.
  • It is popular belief that machines pay more on the weekends, so gamblers prefer playing on that days.
  • Bad sings can be a dog walking around the slot machine.
  • It is not recommended playing when the moon is full.
  • Religious players may say their prayers before spinning the reels. Others prefer certain slots variants as they find a special meaning of some slots symbols and themes.
  • is a number that is considered to be unlucky all over the world. Due to this fact a lot of gamblers don't play 13 lines at slots especially on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • While playing the slot machines it is inadmissible to sing or to whistle as you drive off your luck in this way.
  • Crossing legs while playing means "cross out good luck". Many gamblers prefer playing on foot or with one leg on the chair.
  • Most of the players have things, like charms and amulets that increase the good luck. It can be a fuzzy animal doll, a rabbit feet, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, even lucky key chains.
  • Crossing fingers while reels are spinning is a common superstition. Having chips in a good order will bring luck.
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