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It is Easy to Play Slot Machines

Slot machines gained the recognition of millions gamblers due to the fact that it is one of the earliest gamble games that appeared more than 100 years ago so, everybody knows how to play slot games. Some gamblers will say that to play slot games is a pure chance as the combinations of symbols are generated randomly by the computer. Although, there are some rules concerning each type of slots that will help to avoid confusing situations and losing money.

How to Play Slot Machines

The general rules of the game couldn't be simpler: choose the slot that is the most suitable for you, insert coins and push the button in real slot or click in online slot to spin the reels. However, there are some tips how to play slot games and win more frequently playing certain types of slot machines.

Rules for 3 Reel Slots

In order to win the pioneer 3 reel slot machines, you have to get on the payout line a winning combination. There can be 5 pay line variations: bottom, middle or top row, left or right diagonal. However, the most common variant is a middle row.

Rules for 5 Reel Slots

There can be up to 9 payout lines on a 5 reel slot. To get the prize it is necessary to get winning combination on one of payout lines or several of them. It is not compulsory that you get 5 identical symbols in one row, 3 of them are enough to win. Moreover, there is a wild symbol that can replace any picture.

Rules for Bonus Slots

There is only one payout line in bonus slot machines, commonly, it is the middle row. Although, if the special bonus symbol appears on the payout line an extra bonus payout will be given.

Rules for Feature Slots

This type of slots has nearly 15 payout lines that, undoubtedly, increase the chances to win. What makes the game more exiting is a wild card.

Rules for Mega Spin Slots

There are six 3 reel slots each of which has one payout line. It is like a multiple slot game. So, you have 6 chances to win in one of this game.

Before you start playing a slot machine, be sure you know how to operate the slot and study the payout table that is different in every slot machine.

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